All parents know how hard it is to get a little one to pay attention to the camera for pictures. My daughter Dottie is always on the move, never making time to stop and smile for mommy when I want a cute picture. That's why I was so excited to work with the fine folks who make lookielookies. 

This amazing little contraption attaches easily to your phone or camera, looks cute (hello little bunny!) and even has a light that flashes with different colors to grab baby's attention for photos! 

A few of my favorite things about this product, besides the obviously amazing packaging: 

  1. Easy to use. You just attach the suction cup to your screen (in my case, a cell phone), and press the button on back to activate the flashing light. 
  2. It definitely grabs baby's attention with the cute bunny. 
  3. It's probably the most adorable cell phone accessory I currently own - and that's saying a lot! 
If you kiddo is anything like mine, they get so tired of you calling their name for photos, and it simply stops working after a while. With lookielookies, since it's only pulled out during special photo sessions, it never loses it's charm! It's like a new toy to check out every time I bring it out to take pictures of Dottie, so she pays attention every time she sees it - score! 

Taken with lookielookies - she's paying 100% attention to me while in a distracting room.

Want some helpful tips and tricks on using lookielookies? Look no further, they have a section on their website specifically for that! 

Be sure to check out lookielookies on Instagram, and visit their website for your own lookielookies kit!

Find Dottie and the rest of my gang on Instagram and let us know what you think of lookielookies! 

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