The Binkie Battles Have Ended!

I know this may not be a very big deal to those of you who have successfully broken your littles of a pacifier habit, but over the past week Johnny hasn't had his binkie once. This is a BIG deal in our house! We planned on having him off of it not long after his sister was born, but with her complications and the stress everyone was under, it just didn't seem very fair to him.

I had planned on having him off the binkie by the age of 3 at the latest (don't judge me!). With him having some speech issues, I thought the sooner he was broken of the habit, the better.

He was only getting it at nap times and bed times as of about 3 months ago, then only at bed time. Since he hasn't been asking for it at all at even bed time, I thought it best to not even offer it. And now we've been going on two weeks of no binkie bliss!

A small victory, but I'll take 'em where I can get 'em!

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