5 Tips For Visiting The Austin Zoo and Sanctuary


Since this is John's second birthday week, we're taking him to do several fun things on the days that our nurse is here to watch Dorothy. 

Today we took him to the Austin Zoo, which is actually a sanctuary for a injured and animals and surrendered animals. 

1. Wear comfortable walking shoes. The paths are not paved and are mostly large gravel and some are slopes, so you need comfortable and sturdy shoes.

2. Pack and bring your lunch and snacks. The zoo actually encourages you to bring your own food which is awesome and there are plenty of handwashing stations near the picnic area to use before and after lunch.

3. Enjoy the free range peacocks, but I would keep your distance from the roosters. One of them thought John was holding food in his hand (which was actually a rock), and flew up to get John. Thankfully he was not injured but I just thought I'd let you guys know to be aware of the roosters LOL.

4. When you get tired of walking, take the train ride! It's a fun little ride and tickets are $2.50 for anyone over 2 1/2. 

5. They have strollers that you can borrow for free! We always bring our own, but it's nice to know in case you forget yours I don't have room in your car.

Don't forget to look at all of the animals as there are plenty of awesome ones and enjoy your day at the Austin Zoo!


What are some of your family's favorite animals to see at the zoo?



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