Black Kids!

One week from today I will finally be able to see this band play live! 
I was introduced to them about five years ago by a good friend, and I've been kind of addicted to music ever since. 

Black Kids are kind of like a young poppy version of The Cure.

Tons of their songs are definitely reminiscent of the legendary band, which of course you know I love because The Cure is one of my favorite bands.

Here's a few clips from YouTube, to give you an idea of what their musical repertoire is like.

I'm Making Eyes At You

Parti Traumatic 

If you're in Austin on August 11, I definitely suggest you check out the show. Tickets are eight dollars if you preorder online and $10 at the door at Red 7


I'd never heard of them before! Bookmarked this page to watch their videos later, as I'm not sure my office mate would appreciate me starting them up during his conference call. ;)
April Bogus said…
It's definitely some great pick me up dance music for the office LOL

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