Bogus Baby On Board

So I'd been getting sick (as in hurling) off and on for about the last 3-4 weeks. 

Last Wednesday, September 12th - which happened to be my Uncle Jay's 47th birthday, at the request of my mother, I took two at home pregnancy tests. 

And guess what ? I'm knocked up ! I shrieked with fear at first, running down the hallway towards my mother, holding my pregnancy test saying accusingly to her "Does this mean I'm pregnant?!?!?!?". 

Sure enough, both tests came up positive. That plus sign was unmistakeable. Most people would have thought I didn't LIKE that we're having a baby, but in all honesty. I was truly just SHOCKED. 

I really had no idea on Earth that I was pregnant. I just figured there was something odd happening to my stomach and wanted to rule it out before I started taking all sorts of over the counter medications to help my tummy. I also knew that if I went to a DR, the first thing they'd do is test me to see if I was pregnant. 

And low and behold - I was ! Hubs and I celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary next month in October, and I also turn 29. If my calculations are correct, on October 9th, I will officially be 13 weeks, which means I will be hitting my 2nd trimester (yay!). 

I went to the ER yesterday because I have no family DR & my first OB/GYN appointment isn't until September 24th. There were no problems causing me to head to the hospital, but I had some cramping more on my left lower abdomen than on my right, so I just wanted to make sure everything was looking OK. 

I seriously didn't want to be stressing out for more than a week while I waited for my first OB appointment, so off to the ER mom and I went. 

They ran several blood, urine, pelvic tests & also did ultrasounds on the outside and inside to see what was happening with the baby and what was causing the pain. 

Apparently I have a tiny tear in my placenta, but the ER Dr explained to me that this is a fairly normal occurrence and not to worry, it will close on it's own. This tear will not cause  me to miscarry and will not hurt the baby - so guess what ? I'm not worried about it at all ! 

ALL of my tests came back 100% normal, nothing to be alarmed about, in fact I am perfectly within the ranges where I would be on everything they tested my blood for. Hubs and I are super excited and now I can't wait until I go see my OB, hopefully they will print me out a picture of the baby and I can share it with you all. 

We're already thinking about names :) If it's a boy, it'll be some version of my Dad's, Grandfather, or his Dad's name. 

My Dad - David
My Grandfather - John 
Hubs' Dad - Henry 

I think a boy name will be easy for us since we have a good idea that we want to use those names in some sort of combination. 

Now girl names...that's another story. There are several we both like, so we're compiling a list when we think of cool ones. I like ones that are a bit unusual, or just ones you don't hear every day. 

Just wanted to  updated you all, let you know that I am officially 9 weeks 6 days - or the baby is that old, anyway, and we are so frigging elated !!

Any girl (or boy) name suggestions for us ?


Ty said…
Congrats April!!!
Kathy B said…
I offered up LaVerne since I don't use it and never ever will. I loved my Aunt Dorothy but giving me that middle name was just cruel. LOL You will make such a WONDERFUL Mom and Darren be a GREAT DAD. Put him on diaper duty early. Very excited Mother of the baby mama!!
Jessica Grace said…
Crystal said…
Aw,that is awesome!! Congratulations to you and your family! I am looking forward to all your preggo updates (:
Congratulations! It is a wonderful emotional rollercoaster that I just joined as well so I look forward to your future posts!
Liz said…
I went through a horrible bout of vomiting and staying in bed and having cramping and severe nausea and motion sickness in April of this year. I, however, didn't want to be pregnant because I'm still in the process of working on my career and whatnot. But, anyways- after 10 pregnancy tests, blood tests, urine tests, and stool tests- EVERYTHING came out negative. Which sucked cause I wound up missing 2 days of work! :(

Good thing is- I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (that's not the good part =P) AND found out the fibromyalgia had given me IBS so I wasn't just crazy and sick for nothing. =P

Grats on the baby, BTW! :) I hope you have what you want! My mom's first baby (AKA- ME) was a big joy to her. She didn't care about the gender- she just wanted a kid!

I've compiled up a list of baby names just cause I could =P If you wanna use em for inspiration go ahead! ^_^

Boy Names: Phoenix, River, Rayne, Devyn, Forest..
Girl Names: Ember, Autumn, Willow, Mallory, Aisabel..
theladya said…
I already congratulated on Twitter but congrats once again! It's funny, my dad's name is David and my grandfather's name is John too so I named my son (one and only child) Christopher David. I'd always figured if I had another I'd name him John Howard but that never happened.

When I was pregnant and thinking of names for a girl, I'd settled on Colleen Faye.

Best of luck to you all. Let us know what weird cravings you get, lol.

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