A Few Of My Favorite Things

Thought I'd show you all just a few of my favorite things as of late. 

Sandals that fit well, are cute, and remind me of the 50's.

Studded bags that scream of groupies and rock stars. 

Ripped jeans a la 80's style.

Happy 4th of July, folks ! I think this may be my new favorite drink...just saying ;) 

Sparkles & skulls. Need I say more ? 

What are a few of your favorite things ? 


Hepburn Hilton said…
i'm with you on the ripped jeans!!
April Bogus said…
I have no idea why, but I have been obsessed with finding some ripped jeans as of late. I finally found a pair at Plato's Closet in Round Rock, Texas - whoo ! Only $10, too, score !
Remy said…
I used to be hardcore on Bacardi and Coke, but a recent wedding I've attended got me hooked on Cosmos. :)
April Bogus said…
Never really had a Cosmo. Are they fruity and not bitter ? I dig anything fruity lol
betty baez said…
that bicardi looks good!....my favorite things as of late are ruched leggings, off the shoulder tunics, and cordina mar-go-rita's for $2 a pop you cant beat the price and they are ooooh sooo yummy!

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