Hubs ordered me a very cool little Photo Studio Kit from NoMoreRack a few weeks ago. 

When it came in, I must admit it took some figuring out, but once we figured out how to set the kit up, I've been having so much fun with it ! 

I took some photos of part of his 40K Football Team

Some of them actually came out decent ! I think he got like maybe a dozen photos from my little Football photo shoot, which is awesome. 

He and I were also talking about starting a series of photographs of toys that Sailor Bear destroys. 

Ever since the day we brought him home, he's been tearing toys up like a pro. 

We always keep a close eye on him while he's playing with them, but from time to time he'll start munching down on one and before we can catch him, he's done irreparable damage.

We had yet another causality the other day - a cheap Pop Corn toy I picked up for him just last week at PetSmart. Don't blame PetSmart for our loss, guys - their toys are actually great ! 

It's just that Sailor is a little boy and you know how boys can be with their toys ! 

Here's the Pop Corn 

I need help naming our new Ruined Dog Toy segment - so do you all have any ideas ? 

Also, do your dogs (or cats even) tear toys up on the reg like this ? 

Sailor acts like they're nothing and sometimes we spend upwards to $14 for ONE toy & he STILL kills it.


cstironkat said…
We adopted a rescue dog last weekend, and tennis balls are loosing their lives at a dangerous rate of speed. Artie has only torn up one plush toy, and he loves his magic mushroom which maybe the challenge Sailor needs. You fill the mushroom kibble and they roll it all over it get it out.

I would name the little piece left over, Pup Pop

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