One I Forgot

It's blurry & kind of random, but I liked this photo & forgot to post it few weeks back in the Bluebonnet post. 

Mom in the background. 


Donna D said…
Very pretty picture!
She is a pretty Lady.. I lost my Mom a long time ago and miss doing things with her. It is nice that you spend time with your Mom(enjoy every minute you have)
Rachel said…
Love the hair
April Bogus said…
Thanks & I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. I don't know what I'd do w/o mine, she's my biggest supporter next to Hubs. She's also my best friend. I had a great time taking pics w/ her & Hubs that day. Thanks for commenting !!
April Bogus said…
Aww ! Thanks so much ! It's no longer pink, but I got a ton of pics during the pinkness, so it shall live on in our hearts & souls haha.

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