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I've always had a thing for industrial anything. Furniture like tables, beds, desks, chairs, and especially lamps or lighting. 

I guess it goes back to my Grandfather's bait & tackle store he had back in the day. There's something special to me about a piece that's not only cool looking, but extremely practical. 

Dennis from Huck Duck sells awesome vintage inspired industrial lighting and supplies. 

He sent me this light and bulb for review: 

NAKED HANGING LAMP w/ Polished Nickel Socket and Vintage Cotton Cording

 I love this hanging lamp. It's right above my desk and gives me the perfect amount of light while I work nights away in front of my pink netbook. 

The cord reminds me of the 1950's style I've seen my Grandparents use. I can't believe how much these remind me of just past times ! I'm too young to have used lamps like this in my house growing up, so I'm thankful Huck Duck is around !
Each bulb has a lifespan of +3,000 hours.

 Here's what the bulbs look like at night. Sorry the picture isn't quite focused enough, but this gives you a great idea of what they look like if you use them in a dark room. 

You could also buy like 5 of these and hang them at different lengths in a cluster for a more dramatic look. 

These lights are so quaint and romantic and truly a throwback to more simple times. I just love them and I know you will too, so go visit Dennis at Huck Duck !


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Kimberly said…
I could really make great use of this fabulous lamp!
Shelby G said…
Oh my gosh, in some of the rooms at my grandparents house, the ceiling lamp was the same way! I had always wondered if they had just forgotten to put lights in the rooms when they were building it...

(not entering, just reminiscing)
1955nurse said…
OMG - I remember seeing a lamp like this in my Grandparents house! Totally amazing.... & I love the bulb, too!!!

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