Top 10 Cell Phone Photography Tips

All of my friends can tell you - I love taking photographs. And we all know it's kinda hard to carry around your digital camera every where you go. That's why Man (or Woman) invented Cell Phone Cameras. And no, it's not to snap that juicy blackmail picture of your little brother or friend doing something naughty. 

Loves me a filter ! Thanks Little Photo (App)

Cell phone cameras were invented so you could take awesome pictures no matter where you go ! Now for my own Top 10 Cell Phone Photography Tips. 
  1. Lighting, lighting, lighting. Natural light is ALWAYS better than superficial. If you MUST use superficial lighting, use the whitest light you have at hand.
  2. If you're going to shoot, make it interesting. Detail shots are great, there's no need to get the entire subject in the photo every time. Sometimes the smallest detail can say volumes. 
  3. Filters are your FRIEND. I am a purest. I don't like editing or changing my photos AT ALL. That being said, a good filter can fix even the crappiest of photos. 
  4. Make sure your hand is stable when taking your photo. Otherwise you're going to get nothing but blur - unless that's the look you're going for. In that case, WORK IT !!!
  5. No digital zoom. Enough said. Most cell phone pics on the best days will be at least a little grainy to begin with. Zooming in 100000x's digitally will only make matters worse. Just don't do it. 
  6. Use the highest quality or finest quality setting your camera phone offers. 
  7. You'll often hear people say 'Shoot from the hip.'. And they mean just that. Try different angles, even ones you don't think will look good. You never know what you'll end up with.
  8. Apps. And I don't mean appetizers. If you've got a smart phone, there's a TON of them out there. I personally use (and love) Little Photo. It's simple yet offers a ton of features.
  9. Use cheap lenses. Tons of companies offer them for the iPhone and similar smart phone. PSSST ! You can use those on YOUR phone too - even if it's NOT a $600.00 phone. Neat, huh ? 
  10. Have fun ! The point of photography is to enjoy yourself & shoot something you want to remember, something you want to show the world. Use some basic techniques and go with the flow. Take a million pictures & I guarantee you'll find at least a few you can live with :)         


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