It's BBQ Time !

Yay ! I just got invited to a BBQ tomorrow night at 8PM. 

Since it's January, I'm afraid it'll be a bit cold. 

What should I wear to this event, hmmm ? 

Thinking about these boots.

A cute gray dress from Target. It's simple & not complicated. Sleeveless, has a draw string at the waist so as to give me a figure ;) Doesn't show any cleavage, but it comes slightly above my knee, so we'll get some leg in there ;)

 Here's the dress, just not ALL of it. You get the idea. It also has pockets, which I DIE over. I LOVE me some dresses with pockets !

And maybe this sweater just should I get a wee bit chilled.

What do you all think ? Yay ? Nay ? Need I go MORE casual ?


LOVE THE BOOTS! Rock the dress, girl!! :)

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