CLOSED - Sailor's Puppy Pack Giveaway !

To honor Sailor's homecoming, The Tattooed Type is hosting a special Puppy Pack Giveaway, thanks to donations from Southern Made In The Shade !

The Prizes:
The Daily Rover Squeaky Dog Toy - $1.99

Poopak - Sack It And Pack It In The Poopak - $10.99 

Pur Luv Mini Bones - $3.99


The Puppy Pack Giveaway Grand Total Of $16.97 !

How To Enter:

1. You must follow BOTH blogs: The Tattooed Type AND Southern Made In The Shade.

2. Leave a comment on this page telling us why your puppy/dog deserves a Puppy Prize Pack !

3. Contest ends on 9/22 and random winner will be picked. 
Prizes were purchased and donated by Kathy

Email April from The Tattooed Type with any questions you have !


Beckyj said…
I have a MinPin, King and he deserves a special treat because even though he drives me crazy sometimes he's really a sweet boy!
My Chihuahua, Daisy deserves this prize pack because she is such a good puppy! She has went over 1 1/2 years without a single accident in the house. In my book she's the best!
Christina said…
My "shih apso" Lily deserves this prize pack because she is such a great puppy! This pack is really up her alley because she is a nut for squeaky toys so she would be in heaven!
Tattooed Appy said…
All three comments count as entries. All further entries should be made through Rafflecopter ! Thanks !! Good luck everyone !
SockMonkeyMills said…
My Jack Jack deserves this prize pack. He is our new boy that we adopted during a world record event at our local animal shelter. I had two schnauzers already and he is a wirehaired dashund. He has changed our lives. So smart..throws the ball to himself? :) Over and over. He loves his toys..burys them in the chair..he squeaks things, and has the most handsome face! He is an awesome adopted fur baby. He has had it rough...Good Luck Jack Jack!
SockMonkeyMills said…
The tattooed type LOVE IT! ha :) I will be a loyal reader, come over and check mine out..I have some places to link up there with pics for free..I am luck to all!
Christina said…
Yay! :) Lily is going to be so excited.

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