The Big 28.

Yup, you read that right, I'm turning 28 in exactly a week. I'm excited about my birthday this year, even though I already got myself the best early birthday present EVER, Sailor. 

I'm stoked to be getting my Traditional Birthday Tattoo. What is a Taditional Birthday Tattoo, one may ask ? Only the most awesome thing ever invented ! Every year, since the day I turned 18, I've gotten a tattoo for my birthday. 

Sometimes I get inked on my actual birthday - like I have the past few years. Sometimes I get it around my birthday maybe a week or so before or after, depending on cash flow. 

But every year, rain or shine, bank bursting or begging for change, I get my Traditional Birthday Tattoo.

Hopefully I'll be able to get one every year for my birthday, even if I don't get any others through out the year. 

I started 10 years ago this coming Tuesday, October 4th, getting tattooed with this one, you can kinda see it on my right ankle. 

April age 22 - Malibu, CA

Okay, okay, okay, since I usually get SO many questions about my ink and what it all means, I'll explain some if it. This is a small portion of my current 23 tattoos large & small.

Here's another tattoo, not a birthday one, but one with a ton of deep meaning and signifigance to myself. 
Squirrel w/ J.C. - My Grandfather's Initials

And an 'R' for my maiden name.

Sorry for some of the crappy pics ! Some of these are OLD photos taken with an OLD digital camera.
My Lucky Number 10.
I got this Skull & Crossbones in Los Angeles by Natasha V. In her home studio, right before she cut about 12" of my hair off in her kitchen. Ahh, good times. 

The Ice Cream Cone. 

Okay, since I'm sure you're all bored to tears by now, I'll leave this post here. 

Tattoos, like scars, last forever. 
- A


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