DIY Doll

It's no secret to any of my friends that I love to get my DIY on. I think this goes back to my childhood and growing up less than wealthy, my Mom was always about making what she couldn't afford. I never went without, I just had the cheaper or homemade version.

That being said, growing up, my brother and I always got the most important things we wanted for birthdays & holidays. I wanted a bike when I was 10, I got it. My brother wanted a Nintendo when they came out, he got it. Christmas and birthdays never disappointed. Thanks to our super hard working parents and loving grandparents, we had most things we really, REALLY, REALLY wanted - or thought we needed at the time. 

I was raised to do things on the cheap and save money when and where I could. Then I could spend the money I DID have on fun things, or savings, or bills - whatever need be. Moms started working at the tender age of  12 at the family business and Pops grew up on a Ranch where he was equally needed at an equally young age. My parents are the 'Teach Yourself' or 'Ask For Help' 'Look It Up In A Book' type of people. If you don't know something, ask - go learn, and go make it happen. 

This being said, this coming weekend Hubs and I will be tackling painting our closet doors an 'Elegant Lace' by Glidden. It'll be an adventure for sure & I can't wait to get some pics and show you all how it goes. 

 #2 is Elegant Lace 

The next thing I want to get on ? A mounted headboard for our bed. 

- A


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