Tripping It Up

I'm taking my mom to Colorado next month for her birthday. It'll just be a little long weekend girl's trip, and I'm so excited!

We have some family who live close to Denver, so we're planning on seeing them while we're there. We also have way too many activites planned, so here's hoping we can fit it all in.

I've never been to CO, but my mom has and says it's beautiful with mountains everywhere, so I'm thinking this will be cool.

We do plan on also hitting up some museums while we're there, and I definitely plan on seeing the Rocky Mountains.

As tradition dictates, I'll be getting a tattoo while in Denver, and have no clue where to actually go. I'll figure it out once I get there. I have a few little tattoo ideas, so I'll go with what feels right at the time.

We even rented an Airbnb from a younger couple who seem very down to Earth and kind - should be an interesting experience!


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