Carnival Carnage

Andrea, my mom and I took all three kids age range 2.5 - 4 to the local little carnival that's in town a couple of times a year called The Mighty Thomas Carnival.

We all had a great time. The boys went on a ton of rides. We all played games and won prizes, even a new pet goldfish that I originally called Carnie Wilson and then Johnny named Steve.

Johnny had cheese fries for the first time and was in sheer heaven.

All three kids were angles, though I do have to admit that Dottie got upset a couple of times because she was too little for many of the times - and you all know she's an adrenaline junkie.

Overall, everyone had a great time, I think we have a new cheese fries fan for life, the kids all left with at least two cool prizes each, and no one got majorly hurt or upset.

I'd call that an all around win!


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