Anniversary Weekend Fun

This last weekend happened to be our 8th wedding anniversary. 

Funds have been a bit tight lately, due to typical bills, along with so many doctor and specialist visits for the kids, so we adrenaline able to really do anything extravagant for our anniversary. 

We did, however, spend the whole weekend together as a family. And we did lots of free fun stuff! 

Touch A Truck happened on Saturday morning, which was free to attend, score! This year it was held at the huge park by our house, so it was a must for our 

We also packed a lunch for after Touch A Truck. We went to another part of the park by the lake and had a picnic in the shade of a tree. We watched everyone with their kids and dogs, enjoyed the weather, and let the kids run around after we ate. 

It was pretty much a perfect Saturday! 

Later that evening, the kids and I went with Nana to our first Trunk or Treat of the season, and the kids (ok us too) had a blast! 

Sunday, which was our actual anniversary, we spend with the kids. Cleaning the house a little, but mostly just vegging and spending quality chill time together. 

So we didn't go out for a $100 dinner for our 8th anniversary. But I did spend a memorable weekend with my whole family, and I also got a $4 bunch of flowers from Walmart. 

That's what I call an amazing anniversary! 

What are some of the things you love doing, that money just can't buy? 






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