Summer Lovin'

It may as well be summer in Texas already. Most days it's hitting 85-90 degrees, and raining lots over the last two weeks.

Luckily, it's a 4 day Memorial Day weekend for us, so I thought a baby pool party was in order. Of course we couldn't (okay, wouldn't) leave out the watermelon!

I hope you and your family have enjoyed your long weekend as much as we have, and I hope everyone remembers who fought and still fight to keep up free, and thank a veteran you know.

Tap picture to see toddler swimsuits like Dottie's from Walmart.

Tap picture to see swim shorts for boys from Walmart.

I picked up both of the kids swimsuits at Walmart for $9 each.

Johnny's swim trunks didn't come with a tank. 

This post is in no way endorsed or paid for by Walmart. 


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