Can You Hear Me Now? - Johnny's Ear Tubes

Getting daddy cuddles before surgery. 

Since we've had so many issues with Johnny getting ear infections, we were finally able to get a referral from our peditrician for him to see an ENT, an ear nose & throat specialist. 

On our first visit to Dr Toby, our ENT, Johnny had a couple of hearing tests. He passed one with flying colors and the second he failed miserably. 

Still under a bit of anesthesia. Totally wasn't into his light saber present or having his photo taken. 

Dr Toby then suggested that we have Johnny get ear tubes. Ear tubes are tiny cylinders, which are typically made of plastic or metal, and are surgically places in the ear drum. An ear tube allows for the release of any fluids built up in the ear drum. In our case, we hope to have far less ear infections and that they'll help clear up his speech that we've been having issues with. 

We will continue with speech therapy, as long as his articulation isn't up to par. 

In the mean time, we certainly look forward to less dr visits and less antibiotics due to ear infections. 

Having fun with his new toy from mama and daddy. Having surgery isn't so bad when you get presents after! 



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