A Small Dottie Update

Dottie at her GI appointment enjoying a snack and water. Something that 5 months ago, she was unable to do. 

A couple of really big things have happened for Dottie this past week. She's started walking, and can walk up to 8 or 9 steps at once.

We also visited her GI on Thursday and were told to go down to 0 g-tube feedings, yay! Her next appointment is on April 6th, and assuming she keeps her weight maintained, we will be removing the g-tube.

I can't even express to you how excited this makes me. 14 months ago, at the age of 2 months when she went into surgery to haveher g-tube placed, I could have never imagined this day being so close. I'm really thrilled as her mom, for what this means for her freedom.

Janet, Dottie's Occupational Therapist

She also graduated Occupational Therapy this week. It's because of OT, PT (Physical Therapy), and ST (Speech Therapy - which she is also a recent grad of) along with all of the support she has had from birth, that she's able to do all of the little things that most people take for granted.

She's gone from barely lifting her left arm when she came home from the hospital at almost 3 months old, to having a great range of motion for any kiddo, NICU graduate or not. She's eating 3 meals a day, plus snacks, enjoying loads of formula and whole milk, plus water every day. She even takes her meds by mouth, sometimes after a little coaxing, I must admit. Her Periactin, which controls her vomiting, is particularly bitter - so I can't blame her for not being a fan of that one.

I'm so proud of all of the amazing progress she's made in the last year since coming home from the hospital. I hoped, but never did I imagine in my widest dreams, that she'd progress so quickly catching up developmentally.

Thank you everyone for your love, support, prayers, and well wishes. Your support and encouragement, along with the support of my immediate and extended family, has been the biggest blessing on the hardest of days. I am so thankful and appreciative.

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