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Often times, when I'm looking at jewelry, the most simple and classic designs tend to catch my eye. That's why I really do love Bare Branch Jewelry so much. 

Melanie of Bare Branch Jewelry creates lightweight and truly feminine pieces. Her designs are timeless and great for every day wear. 

All of Melanie's designs are created with sterling silver or hypoallergenic argentium silver. She also throws in a good mix of freshwater pearls and precious and semiprecious stones, making sure there's a piece for every occasion and taste. 

These Bar and Ball Stud earrings are made to order, out argentium silver and come with hypoallergenic rubber earring backs. I've worn and loved wearing this set for over a week straight now. I'm allergic to anything other than silver and gold, so I was curious as to how argentium silver would be. Thankfully, they have a higher silver content than even sterling silver, and my ears have been happy this whole time! 

Being someone who loves simplicity in my jewelry, these are a fabulous pair to have. They're so very dainty and lightweight, yet pack just enough punch to get noticed - and complimented! 

One of the most amazing things about Bare Branch Jewelry, is that it was born out of a need. Melanie's mother had an accident in 2004, prompting Melanie to quit her day job to be a full time caregiver to her mother. 

She eventually found her passion and voice through creating these handcrafted pieces. Bare Branch has been a blessing to Melanie, because she's able to not only do what she loves, her schedule is flexible enough to allow her to not only work and contribute to her family financially, but also be there to still care for her mother. 

Her story is amazing, just like her jewelry! 

I'd like to thank Melanie for sharing her love and creativity with me, I just love her story. She's truly an inspiration to so many of us who have a loved one who needs a high level of care, yet still need to be able to provide for our families. 

Be sure to follow Melanie on Instagram (she takes some pretty fantastic photos), visit her Etsy shop, and check out her Facebook page. 

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Win your own Bar and Ball Stud earring set! 

All photos and opinions are my own. Bar and Ball earring set provided by Bare Branch Jewelry for review.

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