Just Sleep, Dottie Mae !

I jiggle her. I rock her. I stand up and sway her. Beg her, and talk to her. Shush her in hopes that she'll sleep. She brings me nearly to tears and to the brink of losing my mind. 

I almost give up and put her in her crib to cry for exactly 5 minutes, before I get back up and do it all again. 

Just when I think I'll pass out, holding her reclined in my lap, giving up all illusion of any modicum of control I think I may have had - she gives in and finally drifts off to sleep. 

I'm able to lower my left cheek and caress it with her chubby, thick little hand, and relax. She's sleeping and I'm about to be. She challenges everything I know about cooing and persuading a baby to give in to sleep. 

She's nothing like her brother, and I wouldn't have it any other way. After all, who needs two easily pleased children ? 


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