I AM The Tattooed Type

I suppose the name of my blog could throw people off, because it really is a blog about family first and foremost. 

True Blue - Austin, Texas
My favorite tattoo parlor. 
It's also about who I am as a person. I'm a tattooed mom. Part of the reason I named this blog what I did, is to help people understand that although I'm tattooed, I'm still a great mom. To some of you this may sound like a silly and outdated concept - people think that tattooed parents are less adept at raising children ? 

Jose Palacios - Giving me my newest tattoo.
Some people actually still think that. To be honest, it's sad. I know many tattooed parents who are well educated, have great jobs, who love their kids and take excellent care of them. Unfortunately, there is still somewhat of a stigma attached to being a heavily tattooed parent. Yes, in 2015, some of us are judged for how we look, or what color our skin is - by choice or not. 

And while I can certainly understand someone not agreeing with my particular lifestyle of being a moderately to heavily tattooed mom, I  don't expect them to judge my parenting skills based on my clothes, or how I choose to adorn my body. 

I blog because I'm a mom, I blog because I have something to say, I blog because I'm a mother to a special needs daughter and sometimes need to rant about how life is just plain unfair, I blog because I have a son who I tried for 4.5 years to get pregnant with and I just love sharing his cute face. I blog for a lot of reasons.

I started this blog to show everyone that I'm just like you - tattooed or not - and that we all have loves and struggles in our lives. 

If you'd like to get tattooed at True Blue, start with a visit to their website and meet the artists! 


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