Dream Tiny

Dream Tiny Home, I mean. When I was 22, I was living with my parents and working 40 hours a week making decent money. I knew I wanted to get out on my own, but the idea of an apartment on my own didn't seem quite what I wanted. 

I had the idea of purchasing my own new RV and living in it with my small dog, Lady. At the time I had no idea this was called having a Tiny Home. Something just seemed so cozy about the idea of sharing my own little space with my own little dog. 

Hey - I'm no artist! 
Fast-forward to 10 years later, and this idea is still with me. Add a husband, two babies and a different dog to the mix - and maybe I'm crazy, but it still seems possible. 

To me, there are many advantages to downsizing, or shall we call it tinysizing my/our lives. Among these, are a manageable mortgage, fewer possessions, and less stress. It's also very important to me that we teach our kids that possessions don't make you happy - people need far less than they think - but that time with family and experiences are priceless. 

I've lived in many different living conditions, I'm adaptable. The great thing about having small kids, is that they are too. I like the idea of learning how to better manage my time and resources. I like the idea of keeping only the objects that are necessary, or have very great sentimental meaning, in our home. 

If having Dorothy a year ago and going through all we have and continue to go through with her, has taught me anything - it's that family is ALL that matters. If we pull together we can accomplish and make it through anything. Usually with a good sense of humor along the way.

I love the idea also, that our home would be portable. Tiny Homes are built with solid materials, the same you'd use in a typical house, only they usually use a steel frame trailer as a base, instead of say, cement. 

That's why we're meeting with Bo, who builds custom Tiny Homes here in Austin. After speaking with him over the phone, it's clear that he has the experience we're looking for when it comes to possibly building our own home and providing feedback on ideas as far as customization. 

I think our meeting will go great, and I'm excited to see what he has to say about the floor-plan I have bouncing around in my head. 

I'm so excited to see where this meeting on Sunday will take us, and I'm hoping the next Tiny Home update is a good one! 

Would you ever consider living in a Tiny Home ? 


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