10 Universal Studios Essentials - Florida

Since I just came back from a wonderful visit to Florida, which included visiting Universal Studios with my mother and a toddler, I thought I would give you guys a list of the top 10 things that I found to be most useful to have to get the most out of your Universal Studios adventure.

1. A poncho. It rains a lot during the summer in Florida (I learned this the hard way). While Uni. Studios sells them in most gift shops for $8 for adults & $6 for kiddos, you can get them at Walmart for .89. 

2. A comfy stroller for baby/toddler. One that's a step above an umbrella stroller. Uni. Studios have strollers for rent, but they are all plastic and aren't very comfy for long periods of time. 

3. Sunscreen. It's hot and sunny in Florida, so use your sunscreen and don't forget to reapply often. 

4. Dry clothes. Either on a ride or when it's raining periodically, you will get wet. Bring something you can change into for the ride back to your hotel. 

5. Hand sanitizer. Rides and attractions are touched by thousands of people on any given day, so bring some to help stay fresh and clean. 

6. Tylenol or Asperin. The worst is getting a headache, so bring something to help just in case you do. You don't want your day ruined by something so easily cured! 

7. A backpack. No way you want to carry all of this in a small purse (plus souvineers) so be sure and bring a backpack that can hold everything. 

8. Ziplock baggies. These are great for those phones and wallets that you don't want to get wet while on rides or when it rains. 

9. A camera. I use my phone, but it's great to take a picture of where you park (we did this and it helped a lot) and a picture of your kids/other members in your party.  Just in case you get seperated, or the kids get lost. 

10. A good attitude. Let's face it, you're going to get tired and the babies are going to get tired. Take lots of breaks, keep snacks and plenty of water on you, and remember that you're there to have fun. 

What are some of your amusement park must haves? 



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