Florida or Bust! Pt 1

Last weekend Johnny and I had the pleasure of flying out to Florida with my mom and Johnny's Nana, Kathy.

It was Johnny's first flight ever, and both of our first trip to Florida. Nana Used to live in Florida about 35 years ago when she was pregnant with my older brother, and was very excited to show Johnny and myself around for the weekend.

Johnny did amazingly fantastic on the plane ride, and traveling with a two-year-old was way easier than I had ever anticipated it to be.

A huge thanks to United airlines for letting Johnny ride in my lap any time he was feeling a little anxious during any of our flights.

We stayed at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, only 2 miles from the Orlando international Airport. This was super convenient since we didn't have to worry about traffic on our way back out of town.
Part 2 of our Florida trip coming soon, there's just too much to talk about in one post! 

Part 2 will feature our first stop in Florida, Universal Studios

Where did you go on your summer vacation this year? 



Kitty said…

I used to live in Florida, and I loved growing up with so any theme parks!

It looks like you had fun in Otown :D

I always bring sunscreen and a backpack. You just never know when you'll need coverage or baggage.

How did your little one love it? I hope got to experience Universal's Harry Potter section!
April Bogus said…
Hi Kitty! Johnny had a blast, but was definitely tired by the end of the day like we were. I think his favorite park was taking a picture with Popeye, as he ran right up to him like he'd known him all his life lol. Unfortunately, we didn't get to really experience the Harry Potter section, but that just means that we've got to go back soon!

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