Geocaching Adventures!

Well, I officially have a new obsession: Geocaching

You download the app, look up Geocaches near you, and find them with your phone's GPS. It's seriously so darn fun! 

Once you find the cache, you will sign the log that's inside. Sometimes there are little trinkets inside, if so, you can take one. Don't forget, of you take one, you have to leave one of equal or greater value. 

Caches can be found ALL around you, you'd be really surprised. I now find myself thinking of different spots that would be good hiding for hiding a geocache. 

Geocaching is a great way to get out into nature (or just your neighborhood or local park) and experience a little adventure with your family and friends. 

My mom and I found out first one together, literally right around the corner from our house in our neighborhood! 

From there we found about three more before we decided to head home. 

All of these were within less than one mile from our front door! 

We're already planning a Saturday out as a family to Geocache in the park down the road from our house. I couldn't think of a better family activity that's totally free (save for a little gas, or not, depending on where you're looking)! 




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