The Mommy Hook

There something that every mommy, no matter how many kids and what ages they are, wishes she had. And that is an extra set of hands!

The Mommy Hook gives you just that. 
With buying groceries, transporting babies, shopping, and just every day activities, everyone needs an extra hand now and again.

The Mommy Hook is made of heavy duty aluminum, and is perfect for hanging things on strollers, allowing you to carry multiple grocery bags inside the house or shopping bags while out shopping.

I utilize my mommy hook with our diaper bag by hanging my keys on it, so they are at the ready and I don't have to search for them when it's time to go somewhere.

I've also been known to hang our diaper bag on the back of my car head rest so diapers and snacks are easily accessible at all times.

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The Mommy Hook was provided for review and giveaway. All opinions and photos are my own. 



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