Johnny's First Haircut - Birds Barbershop

Johnny has needed a haircut for quite some time, and I got really tired of the shaggy look, so has Nana and I took him to get his very first haircut at BIRDS BARBERSHOP in Austin, Texas.

Here's a little picture of Johnny before.

And a side-by-side of before and after.

John actually did so great, and his hairstylist is definitely sweet and patient with him. Thankfully there were no tears or grumps and he handled his first haircut like a champ!

The first time that I looked at the side-by-side picture of before and after, I literally cried. It's such a strange feeling between pride that your baby is getting older and also sadness that he is growing up and it's pretty much hard to explain as a mother.

My mom did remind me that I still have another little one that will also be getting her first haircut one day, so I'm sure I'll be having all these crazy emotions again one day.

John's haircut was like 20 bucks and I definitely suggest going yourself or taking your kids to birds barbershop. 

The ambience was cool and hip, all of the hairstylists were really sweet and great job for what you pay. It's definitely a step up from your basic in and out place but they take walk-ins or you can call an hour and ahead and be put on the list which is great.
Our family will definitely be going back for future haircuts. 






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