Decorating With Instagram Pictures.

One of the biggest pleasures of my life is taking pictures of my loved ones. Since we moved into our new house last September, I've really focused on decorating more with pictures.

 Most of the pictures that I take are posted on Instagram and usually in the square format, so I love using PostalPix to print them up and have them mailed to my house.

It's a pretty inexpensive process and the picture quality is excellent! Unfortunately, I've had a harder time finding inexpensive square frames to go with my Postalpix pictures. 

I've resorted to using regular frames for 4 x 6 pictures, but putting a background behind the square pictures like this.

I was out picking up a few things at Walmart the other day, and noticed that they had 4 x 4 (which is the exact size I typically order from PostalPix) frames! They come in two packs for only two dollars! Or $6 for 6 online. So of course I bought four packs. 

Finally! Inexpensive frames that are classy looking and don't cost an arm and a leg, (I've seen square frames the same size but with thicker borders at other stores for about $9 each), and now I can use them and put my post pics pictures everywhere!

I'm so happy I found these frames and now can put my Instagram pictures all over the house!

What are some of your favorite pictures that you would frame in these nifty 4 x 4 square frames?




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