Dottie's DOC Band

We've been very fortunate so far as far as Dorothy's insurance covering everything, including her medications, food for her first-tube, and Medical Supplies.

Unfortunately, due to her extensive stay in the NICU, she left at the hospital with plagiocephaly otherwise known as flat head syndrome.

We've done everything we can do at home for her as far as repositioning her and keeping her off of the left side of her head, but nothing seems to be working. We are now proceeding with getting her a DOC band, which will slowly help fix her flat head syndrome and round out her head.

Unfortunately the DOC band and medical expenses for that come to around $4000, and her health insurance will cover zero of the cost. 

This is comes in. We have started a campaign to receive donations to help us pay for her treatment.

We realize that not everyone will be able to donate, so we just ask that you please share her link on your social media and pass the word, as unfortunately at this time we are unable to afford this treatment out-of-pocket which she desperately needs.

Please have a look at her Go Fund Me page and share her links when you have a moment, it is greatly appreciated!

You can follow Dotties journey by searching the #DottieUpdate or #DorothyIsHome on the Internet or any social media.

You can also follow along her story on Instagram here!


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