My IG Family.


I read it time & time again: IG is a community. Until Dottie was born, I didn't fully understand or appreciate that fact. But it IS a fact. For example, this beautiful package Dottie and I received in today's mail from @stephbrown. 


Having other moms like she and @atliston reaching out to us, sending us beautiful care packages and kind words, serves as such amazing validation that although times are tough lately, we are never forgotten. Being loved on and raised up for doing what I should be doing, just being a mom and doing my best, makes me feel so connected to motherhood. As moms we ALL work hard to keep our babies happy, healthy, and content. I'm no more special or work any harder than any other mom at that. We have some special circumstances, sure. Surprises like this beautiful hat for Dottie or a Starbucks gift card for myself means that these fellow moms GET IT. They understand how hard being a mother is to begin with, as well as the difficulties that I face on a daily basis. And having people understand you like that is completely priceless. I want to take a moment and thank everyone who sends me messages of encouragement, comments, or even likes my pictures, because I know that there's that many more people who understand what I'm going through. That in order to make it through the day sometimes, you just have to have a really good sense of humor about things and keep it moving the best you can. 

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