❤️I Love Becca.❤️

As most of you know, we have a special needs a daughter named Dorothy who is currently four months old.

She has a private duty nurse named Becca who comes to our house Monday Wednesday and Friday every week and watches Dorothy from 7 AM to 5 PM on those days. 

I am not ashamed to say that I love Becca. I need Becca and I put her to great use. The reason why I love Becca and I need Becca, is yes because of Dorothy, but also because of our son Johnny.

Becca fits in perfectly with our family and has a great personality. She's always full of great tips, and completely advocates for Dorothy. She also has three grown kids of her own she's done a little bit of baby raising herself.

The absolute best part of having Becca here for Dorothy is that it frees me up to not only take care of things around the house and run errands, but mostly to spend quality time with John.

These last few days it's been so beautiful here in Texas. We've been going to the park and will walk to Walmart together and eat lunch or just look around. I'm finding that it really is just the simple things that keep me going. I'm spending more and more time these days finding ways to make Johnny laugh, reading to him, and even sneaking a nap with him here and there.

John is not a fluent talker yet, but I have realized that if I get him in a calm spot, usually while he's eating, and ask him to repeat certain words like mom, dad, Nana he will do it without even thinking about it. 

It may sound horrible, but I appreciate my quality time with John more than I ever have before. You never realize what you're missing until you don't have much of it anymore. For me, it's so important to nurture my bond with John and make sure that he knows that he is still my number one baby boy, just as it's important for me to have a special bond with my daughter and to take amazing care of her. 

I am blessed to have such an amazing support system not only inside of our home but as far as Dorothy's medical team goes as well. Everyone listens to me, addresses my concerns, and gives me great ideas about where we can go from here and what our future looks like and for that I am so grateful.

Who are some people that you're grateful for in your life? 

 What are they bringing to the table as far as making you feel supported and not alone when you're going through trials?


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