More Made from Earth Goodies!

It's so important to us as a family to purchase and support businesses that are 100% cruelty free, because we love our pets and wildlife. It's also important to myself as a mom that our home uses as few harmful chemicals as possible, which makes me so happy that I can count on Made from Earth as my go-to place for shampoos, conditioners, body wash, and vitamin c moisturizers, among other things. 

I've recently started using their Tea Tree & Protien Herbal Shampoo, and I must say that it's pretty much like nothing I've ever used before. I really love that it's for all hair types, meaning my husband and myself can both use it and get the same fantastic results. The plant based ingredients leave my hair super clean without drying out my scalp, and I have to also admit that I really love the Tea Tree and Herbal scent left behind after my shower. That wonderful scent gently reminds me that I'll be squeaky all day!

I'm also currently using the Peppermint Herbal Conditioner. Peppermint is a proven scent that relieves stress, which most of us need on a daily basis. This conditioner coats my hair, without leaving  it feeling or looking oily. 

Made from Earth also make a Vitamin E & Citrus Body Gel that is a personal favorite. I've always had a huge crush on anything with a citrus scent, and this is no exception. With ingredients like Organic Aloe Juice and Grapefruit, Lime and Lemon Essential Oils, this body gel cleans wonderfully while leaving you with a light fresh scent. 

What are some of your favorite all natural scents to use in your home ? 

Items were provided by Made from Earth for review. All opinions and photos are my own. 


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