Libman's Fight Against Grime Challenge

The Libman Company, the makers of the Freedom Spray Mop, asked me to show you all my messiest room. They have challenged me to take a before picture of the room, use their products to clean, and share the results. 

Libman made it clear that they want to see what the room really looks like behind-the-scenes, no staging here folks!

So I present to you what our bathroom looks like on a typical weekday morning.

As you can see, we have clothes flowing out of the hamper, towels not put up neatly, the toilet paper roll ever so elegantly not where it belongs on the dispenser, and husband/toddler/dog hair all over the bathroom floor (which unfortunately you can't see but trust me is there.) 

Having a 19-month-old toddler and a baby in the NICU, most my time I have to admit, is not spent cleaning. It's typically spent on feeding babies, bedtime stories, brushing teeth and nighty night time.

What I really love about the Libmen Freedom Spray Mop, is that it is easy to use, it comes with machine washable cleaning pads that you can wash up to 100 times, and these cleaning pads really do the trick as far as getting in the deep crevices of our bathroom tile. It also only took me just about 2 minutes to clean our fairly large bathroom floor. Big plus in this mama's book! The Freedom Spray Mop is extremely lightweight, making it much easier to use than other brands of similar mops I've tried in the past. Also, did I mention that this mop doesn't need batteries? Can I get an Amen!? I LOVE that! 

I used the Libman Freedom Mop Spray Multi-Surface concentrated floor cleaner in the citrus scent to clean my bathroom floors.

Libman also offers a wood floor cleaner, which I haven't had the pleasure to use since we don't have wood floors. Maybe one day, since installing wood floors is definitely on my home project list. 

Check out all that the reusable mop pad picked up! 

And now for my after photo! 

 Be sure to print out your $2.00 Libman coupon here and do your own Fight Against Grime Challenge! 

All the photos and opinions are my own. Libman products were supplied for this blog post.


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