We Have A Date!

Well, it's official! We have a repeat C-section date, September 18, 2014!

Baby Boy Bogus (left) 2013, Baby Girl Bogus 2014 

We are so excited to welcome Dorothy Lynn into our world in the next few weeks, and to make Johnny and Sailor big brothers!

Hopefully she will not decide to make an early appearance and I'll actually make it to our scheduled date. But I can't wait to dress her in pink and frills and lace and everything extremely girly :-)

We have a big move coming soon, in fact in just a few weeks right before she's due. I am definitely ready to be nested and moved in and maybe have a tiny bit of time to relax before she actually gets here.

What big life events are happening for you this year?


Alice Chase said…
Not long now at all! Best of luck on all the move. We are moving this weekend. Nesting urges should help you unpack well!
Skye said…
Best wishes for your new babe! p.s. I envy all parents of girls, they get to put big bows on their heads! I just have one boy, no bows!
April Bogus said…
Hopefully I'm calm and not a neurotic mess and my family can deal with me teehee. I hope your move is smooth as buttah and not super stressful!
April Bogus said…
I'm definitely excited about cute headbands and ruffle socks. We have a 16 month old son, Johnny and it seems so much easier to accessorize girls than boys!

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