Nesting with IKEA

A couple of years ago Ikea opened a store only about 15 minutes from where I live in Round Rock, Texas. Since my very first visit to said store, I've been pretty much obsessed. 

Here's where I admit that most of our furniture comes from Ikea.

Some of which our bed, night stands, tv stand, and Johnny's crib, dresser and shelf for his room. 

Although I love all of our current furniture, I have one small problem. It's all white! With a big move coming up and a new baby on the way, I thought a few upgrades and some color would be nice. 

Since we received the new IKEA catalog in the mail a few weeks ago, I've already started labeling things that I want to slowly get together for our new house.


Here's a few things I thought would be nice for the new place. 

I'd love a seating area in the master bedroom, so a little loveseat and one of these of the awfully nice for storage and to add a bit of color.

I would also really like a couple of new nightstands like these, they'll add color and once again storage is always super important!

These green baskets I've picked up three of them, to use for laundry and toys for Johnny. I want to pick up a couple more and get rid of Johnny's toybox all together because it's wood and I want something a little bit more kid friendly that maybe he could pull out on his own or around the house if he wants to.

Also baskets like these are super useful because I can put them in a couple different locations around the house, and the toys in that room can go in that basket. It's really awesome because it saves my back personally and I also want to start teaching Johnny how to put away his own toys like he puts away his own clothes.

These are just a few examples of the things I want to pick up from IKEA. There's a whole catalog full of things that I want to buy.

Where's your favorite place to shop for furniture and home goods? I'd love to know!


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