Necessary Naps

When I was pregnant with Johnny, I was a stay at home wife and dog mom. It was totally great because I got to nap whenever I wanted and take it easy. My napping buddy then was my lovely Sailor Bear. 

This pregnancy, I have two napping buddies, Sailor and Johnny. These days the only naps I get are when Johnny gets a nap in about once a day. 

I love letting Sailor into our bedroom, taking his collar off so he's in stealth mode, and curling up with both of my little guys. 

I've been embracing these days, as they are short lived. Dorothy will be here mid September, and I know that it will be a very long while before I get Johnny and Dorothy on the same schedule for naps, if I ever do.  

I feel a little guilty also, because Johnny will never remember curling up in bed wrapped up in my Mama arms, it being just us two. I know that in the long run that's probably a small thing and there's no need to feel guilty over it. I'm giving him a little sister to play with, protect, annoy and tease. 

I'm very excited to have a daughter to dote upon and dress in frills and pink, but it's a very bittersweet feeling knowing that I didn't have more one on one time with my little man. 

How have you fellow moms delt or deal with mommy guilt? 



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