Our Little SoCo Adventure!

Today I took Nana and Johnny to my favorite pizza place for lunch downtown. It's called Home Slice Pizza and it is excellent! Unfortunately, parking downtown Austin is not always an easy task. We ended up parking about two blocks away from the restaurant and walking down.

Walking on the sidewalk, we were approaching a woman and her two daughters . The woman was dressed very trendy and her daughters had cute little summer dresses on. As we passed them on the sidewalk, my mom said "Sissy! ". At first I assumed that it was maybe someone my mom used to work with, until I looked the woman more closely. It was Sissy Spacek and her two daughters! 

My mom mentioned something to her about loving her movies, she told Johnny that he was very cute, and we spent about five minutes visiting with her and her daughters about carrying babies during the summer time, and how both of our kids were carried during the summer also. 

We did not ask her for picture, or her autograph we just wanted to visit with her for a minute and she was extremely sweet! She showed just as much interest in us as we did in her. 

We then made our way down to Home Slice and wrecked shop on a large pepperoni and mushroom pizza. Johnny ate almost a half-size all by himself, maybe a little bit more.


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