A Weekend Road Trip!

Saturday we took Johnny to see his great grannies R and B. We stopped by first to see Granny B. She lives out kind of in the middle of nowhere, on a couple hundred acres of former ranch land.

Here's the barn in Granny B's property.

We had a fabulous time visiting and catching up and talking about raising babies. 

Johnny and I were sad to say goodbye.
Kisses to Granny B. before we go!! 

We then headed out to see Granny R. & Uncle Jay. They too live out in the country, about a quarter mile from the local lake. We weren't able to take a picnic or swim in the lake, but we did drive the 10 miles into town and eat at the only Chinese Food place - it was so yummy! 

Cuddles with Granny R. 

I managed to get a few more pictures while we were there. 

Johnny giving his great uncle cuddles and playing with his new birthday toys from Granny R & Uncle Jay. 

Johnny and Daddy taking in the scenic beauty of the countryside. 

Mom aka Nana hanging out at the marina where she worked for 12 years with her daddy who ran the recreational area and did repairs on boats. 

Saying goodbye to our lovely little road trip. 

We had so much fun and were so happy to get the chance to spend a little time with Johnny's Great Grannies. 

What did you do on this beautiful Mother's Day weekend? 


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