First Year Checkup, Ikea & a Move

Wow! Johnny and I had such a busy week this last week. On Tuesday he has his one year checkup and shots. Then we took Nana to Ikea for a yummy lunch. Then it was off to my OB appointment for our baby due in September!

In May I will have the anatomy scan done and hopefully we'll find out if it's a boy or girl. Hubs actually took that appointment in May off, so he'll be going with me :-)

This will be the first appointment he will have attended with the new baby. Gotta save up his paid time off and vacation time for when the new little one gets here, I'm going to need all the help I can get.

We're very excited to start nesting fir the new little one, but with a move coming this summer, I think we'll wait until we're startled in a bit. Lots of changes coming our way!

What's new with all of you?


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