Down For The Count - His First Cold

This is the face of a sick Johnny. 

Last night was so hard on Johnny and hubs and myself. Little one was up every two hours crying and snorting away, poor thing. 

Since I was in no way prepared for this, I went this morning at 8 a.m. when Target opened to pick up some essentials. 

My newly acquired arsenal:

A humidifier, saline nose spray, already had the thermometer from when he started teething, Vicks Vapor Rub & a couple of aspirators.

Thankfully he's had no fever, no cough, he's eating well and napping pretty well so far today. Poor guy has to be tired from being up and down all night.

I came home and set up the humidifier and tried to use an aspirator on him. He definitely didn't like that part! So far, he really seems to be clearing up a bit, thanks humidifier!

I'm trying to stay away from any meds until I call his doctor tomorrow and see what she suggests.

Whew! I'm thankful that this is his first time feeling cruddy our getting sick, but a sick little is definitely never fun! 


Chani Jameson said…
Aw poor baby...You look really prepared. I remember the first time my oldest got sick. Sometimes you can feel so helpless. Just keep loving on him. It seems like you are doing everything I would do with my 14 yrs of experience of sick kiddos. One tip. If he gets a cough you can put that baby rub on his feet. I know it sounds weird but it works with out giving meds for everything.
April Bogus said…
Thanks for commenting Chani! I took him to the doctor Monday and found out it's a bit worse than originally thought. He had an upper respiratory infection. Filled 4 meds for him and he's been taking them like a champ, dare I say he's feeling a tinsy weensy better today. Hopefully we've headed it off from heading to his chest.

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