Lots Going On!

With Johnny due early April, things have been beyond hectic! As I'm sure many of you can imagine, there's been a ton of cleaning, organizing, nesting & preparing going on in our new apartment.

All of my Dr appts have been going well, Johnny was 3lbs 10oz as of 32 weeks 1 day. He's also slightly longer than 16 inches! Baby boy is getting big! We have his crib set up, lots of his baby shower clothes washed (there's a ton more to wash!). I've been nesting like crazy, we got the car seat installed in our car, and everyone is anxious to meet Johnny! Hubs, Mom & I took some Maternity Pics and did the hospital tour last weekend. I really love the maternity ward & they have excellent security in place for baby & I, which put me at ease. No switching babies gonna happen there! Haha. I also really like that I can keep Johnny with me as much as I like, 24/7 while at the hospital, if I want. There's even a roll away bed for Hubs to spend the night and stay with me while we're there & snack rooms for when we're both hungry. Did I mention I will personally have 24/7 room service? SCORE! I'm so ready for him to be here already so I can give Johnny kisses and hugs and just be able to hold him. I feel so bonded & attached already! I really can't wait! Just a few more weeks to go now!
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Ashley B. said…
lol!! you make me miss being pregnant! I loved my hospital too, heck it was really hard to make myself leave after having baby! I wish you the best of luck in your labor!! Remember, drugs are your friend! (I hope no one takes that to offense!)
April Bogus said…
I plan on getting the drugs as soon as I can, but the thought of a needle in my back really kinda freaks me out. I'm thankful that my Mommy will be staying with us the first week, so I will have a ton of experienced help & also Hubs will be here too for at least a few days which is nice! It just feels like a waiting game now that most everything is done. Now to just check Labor off the To Do list haha.
Ashley B. said…
Lol I was freaked out about the needle too! I won't lie, it is seriously the weirdest thing I have ever felt but the relief is soooo worth it! With my last baby before I even went into labor I was like "make sure my chart says to have pain killers ready for me!" In either case (and I know this sound cliche') once you hold your baby for the first time all the pain of labor etc. goes away, no lie!! Since you have a big support system too it will make your experience even better and easier!! (can you tell I'm a little baby crazy?! haha)

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