A Delightful DIY

Hey all! I did a tiny little DIY project the other day & thought you may enjoy.

We found these cute plastic hooks with suction cups on the back at Lowes. I really liked that they look old, but are plastic and therefore cheap. I think the package of 2 was like $1.99.

Since I wanted these for kitchen use and for the side of the fridge, the suction cups just wouldn't work because the side of our fridge is textured. Hubs suggested we glue magnets to the back of the suction cups & it worked great.

I also really liked the Super Glue he bought because it's a gel kind, so it provides way more control.

And taaadaaa! The finished result, which was so easy peasy!

Let me know what you all think. Easy right? Do you have any other super simple DIY tips you'd like to share? Leave a comment & share with us!
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theladya said…
Cool idea! I might have to try this. Right now the side of my fridge is covered with lunch menus, appointment reminders, prescriptions, etc.

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