Bride-To-Be Influenster Voxbox

I was lucky enough to receive the Bride-To-Be Voxbox from Influenster

They send great boxes full of  free goodies for Influensters to try out at home and give feedback on. 

Here's my Bride-To-Be Voxbox Opening Video, so you can see everything that I received to review (did I mention it was FREE?!)


Here's a couple of my favorites so far from the Bride-To-Be Voxbox I recently received. 

Don't worry, there's more to come! 

First, Dream Water in flavor Snoozeberry (how cute is that name?) 
Drink 30 minutes before bed and it will help you relax & have a great night's sleep! 

I enjoyed the flavor and definitely feel it helped me relax and ease off to sleep. 

(If you are nursing or expecting, ask your doctor before using either of these products.)

Find Dream Water on Facebook:

And on Twitter

See what others are saying about Dream Water on Twitter by searching the hashtag #SleepEasy.

Rescue Gum is also a little gem from this Voxbox. 

I really loved the flavors in this gum, it particularly reminded me of flowers, only in a good way ! This gum indeed relieves stress, which is pretty amazing for a gum! Who doesn't need some relaxation on or before the Big Day ?

Rescue Gum on Facebook:

Find them on Twitter @BACHRESCUE
See what other Influensters are saying about this amazing gum by searching #RESCUERemedy on Twitter.

Have you been apart of the Influenster Voxbox Program ? If so, what have been some of your favorite Voxboxes ? 

If not, go apply NOW & get in on this awesome program for all ages - even for men !


theladya said…
Nice goodies! I just qualified for my first VoxBox last week and I'm super excited. : )

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