Update, Update, La La La La, Update!

Because you know, I gots to keep you updated on what's happening during my summer ! 

Hubs & I found this awesome cupcake place in Round Rock called Be My Cupcake. I think I may officially be obsessed with these cupcakes. They put a ton of icing on the top just like most cupcake places, but the best part about this place is that the icing isn't too sweet, so you really don't mind so much of it. The cake part is always moist and rather dense, just so yummy. I'm no food reviewer, but if I were, I'd give these cupcakes a 4.5 ! 

Hubs also bought & built me this awesome little Ikea nightstand last week. I've been needing something for the other side of the bed for setting things on. 

 I also won this awesome Monster Blanket from Berkshire Blankets. I love it, it's super cute & soft, which is always number 1 with me.

Sailor got a harness from one of our Twitter friends, Rachel. It fits him perfectly & he's actually walking a TON better on his leash thanks to this harness. Thanks again Rachel, it's great ! 

I'm also still learning how to play my new Ukulele & still having fun with it! I think Hubs is planning on ordering one for  himself, so maybe one day we can jam out together. 

How's your summer going ?


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