Review - Zebra Pens

Shoplet & Zebra have been so kind to send me a selection of awesome Zebra Pens to try out. 
Of course we all know both of these brands well - Shoplet is leading site for purchasing all sorts of useful (and just plain fun) office supplies, and Zebra produces some of the best pens known to man. (In my opinion!) 

Oh, and a very cute little Zebra bean bag baby. How adorable is that face!?!

I thought it'd review a couple of the pens I liked the best in this post. 

The first Zebra Pen I'd like to go over with you all is the Zebra Z-Grip MAX Ballpoint Retractable Pen 
What I loved about this pen is the extra large soft rubber grip. I can't tell you how many times my fingers have gotten sore with long hours working on school work or writing up reports for work. With the extra large rubber grip on this pen, that's no longer a worry !

I also really liked the Zebra Zmulsion EX Ballpoint Pen. The greatest thing about this pen is the ink. I go crazy over a smooth rolling pen & this one definitely fits the bill. No one better steal either of these pens from my desk, or I'd be one unhappy girl. Fair warning guys ! Indeed it's the combination of oil, water and pigment that delivers a never before seen smoothness of writing with this particular pen.

Don't forget, there's also an amazing giveaway hosted by Shoplet & Zebra currently ! They're giving away 20,000 Zebra Zmulsion Pens - so go win one y'all !

(No other compensation was provided by Shoplet or Zebra for this review, other than the products disclosed above. All opinions are my own and are in no way altered or paid for by either company.)


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