Simplify,Streamline & Smile While Doing It

Since I quit my high paying office job about three years ago due to stress, I decided it was time to clean out a ton of other clutter from my life. 

I went through my closet, got rid of clothes that I never wore, didn't fit right anymore, or never fit right. I got rid of shoes, purses, belts & anything else that I had no further use for. And you know what ? It felt good. At that time, I also decided to make a more conscience effort to spend money only on things that I absolutely fell in love with. Why waste money I didn't have on material items I didn't really want or need ? 

I haven't gotten all loco about simplifying my life. I would like to, though. I would like to be able to live on a super modest income, have no major bills, spend more money and time on fun things, not necessities. I'm still working on that part, but have definitely gotten a bit better as time goes on. I see the value more in spending my money on my friends and loved ones and sharing experiences with them, versus buying that new cell phone or expensive purse that I think I need while impulse shopping.

It's really made me stop and think about how I can go about doing what I want to do for my loved ones. For example, throwing a birthday party for my BFF & doing all of the decorating myself on a major budget. I'd buy a little thing here and there over a couple of months, had a good plan to begin with, and it turned out to be the most beautiful event filled with twinkle lights, candle light, white vases with daisies, good food and better company. I  personally spent maybe $25 total on decorations and we made it a pot-luck so everyone brought a dish and the food was covered.

I've been reading a lot lately about other ways to simplify and minimize in my life and ran across The 333 Project. It's a great idea, but I am not 100% sure I could live within the perimeters at this point in my life. Maybe soon ? Either way, I decided to clean out my closet again. I tend to do this every 3-4 months anyway, but doing all of this reading on simplifying my surroundings and life inspired to do it again. I got rid of even more this time.

Here's what we started with. A ton of clothes be completely honest with you...I just don't wear.
There's more over to the left, maybe a foot worth of clothing. 

This is the huge pile of clothes that were donated just today. Actually these clothes took up 2 large kitchen trash  bags. Not bad ! 

Annnd taaadaa ! Here's what we're left with. You can see the extra space to the left now. Over there, are between 4-6 tops that I am keeping for sentimental reasons. Concert tees, one of them being a Cure tee from the '86 Standing On Beach tour - hell yes ! 

The stuff on the right is what I kept. All of it from my black leather biker jacket on the complete right, to the new top Hubs bout me for $9 at Old Navy a couple of months ago. I love that one 'cause it's polka dots & we both loves us some dots !

Come to think of it, I probably now have less than 33 pieces of actual clothing in my closet. This doesn't count p.j.s', underwears, lounging/chore or workout clothing that's all kept in my dresser. 

I'll have to work on that next. 

How have you simplified your life lately ? 


Kelsey said…
i love that! good for you!!
April Bogus said…
Thanks, I'm still working on it. Next I'm hitting up my dresser to see what I can do about all these socks & other undergarments I have no use for.

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