Minimalist Musings Monday

When I said to my husband the other day that I wanted to get more into Minimalism, he said "We kind of are already.". And you know, I was thinking about it since he said that, and I do agree. 

We are a 1 car couple, which totally keeps costs down. Those things are expensive! 

We waited forever to get a puppy (Sailor), because we both knew it was a huge responsibility. Not to mention another thing to add to the household cost wise. We also didn't feel that with both of us working 40+ hours a week at the time, it would be fair to puppy time wise. (I'm glad some of those things changed, and we've had him almost a year now.)
I try to only purchase what I really need or really, really want. It's hard not to impulse shop and I still do it from time to time, but in far less quantities. 

And this may sound silly, but I would assume that approximately 80% of what I spend, is on food. When I have $20 left in my pocket, I think to myself  "Man, I can still get a good burger & fries with this!". It's sad, I know. I'm trying really hard lately to eat only what we have in the household, which is always a lot. It's just me. I'm picky, or nothing sounds good. 

So I guess as of right now, my next steps are:
  1. Eat what we have,not what I want.
  2. Get rid of more clutter in our bedroom, restroom, storage unit (yes, I want to eventually rid ourselves of this & the monthly bill)
  3. Pay off more on D's credit card.
  4. Just plain save money, which we've had 3 years to do & still haven't. 

 I am already seeing some awesome results from clearing out my closet of a ton of unwanted/needed things & rearranging our bedroom, including clearing out some of the boxes from under the bed. 

Sailor has taken to napping and resting under our bed betwixt the remaining fewer boxes. It's nice because he has his own little hiding space now where he apparently feels safe and happy. And that makes me happy.

I am so looking forward to having more space for the truly important and needed things in my life.

My dream home.
How do you keep your life simple ? I needs the tips, ladies & gents !


theladya said…
I wish I had some tips for you but my home is kind of hectic too and with working two jobs I tend to put things off...a lot. Having two kids in the home doesn't help things easier. One thing I do take advantage of is when my son outgrows his clothes and shoes, I either give them to someone I know could use them or donate to the homeless shelter. We also have drop-off boxes in the area where you can make clothing donations and I will be visiting very soon. Our spare bedroom is insane!
I made a New Year's resolution to get rid of at least 1 thing each week. Every week, I either give something to Goodwill or throw something away (like a ratty old t-shirt not worth giving to Goodwill).

I also made a goal to give up fast food for 1 week. Then 2 weeks. I went a whole month without fast food and the extra money is so incredible!

Good luck on your goals!
Amelia said…
For some reason I read "puppy time wise" as a name, like Puppy Timewise (even though I was fully aware you had given the name of your dog less than a sentence earlier). Still, that would be a kickass dog/steadfast companion name.
April Bogus said…
LoL. I must agree. Puppy Timewise, or even Timewise would be a cute name for a puppy. Kinda steampunk sounding if you ask me!
April Bogus said…
I like this idea ! I have found that I'm finding more & more I can actually part ways with, and feel no remorse over it at all. It's pretty nice to be able to let things go and not think "Could I use that for something else, as something else or what if I need it later?". I'm just letting it go. If I'm indecisive about it, I put it away and come back to it at a later time. Usually the 2nd round I will go ahead & donate/trash it.

On the food front, my goal as of right now, is for Hubs & I ONLY to eat out on our weekends, which is currently Wed/Thurs. And NO soda during the week, for me & he needs to cut his 2 morning work Mt. Dews down to 1, & no other sodas until the weekend.

His biggest vice is soda, mine is fast food.

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