Happy Birthday, Son.

Guess who turned 1 year old today !! 
Did you guess ? 

If you guessed Sailor Bear, you'd be right !! 
We're planning a little family pool party for him this afternoon with his Granny, Pawpaw, me & his dad once he gets off work. 

It's gonna be fun & I hope to have some pics for you all over the next few days. 

Taken this morning while he was begging for treats ;)


Happy Birthday, Sailor Bear! I hope you have a good one :)

By the way, I tagged TheTattoedType on my Getting To Know You post, I hope you can check it out :)
Crystal said…
Aww,what a cutie,he's still a baby! Happy Birthday Sailor Bear!!
Sheree Milli said…
AWW! How sweet is he. Congrats.

Love the blog

Sheree x


April Bogus said…
Thanks for all of your birthday blessings - he had an excellent one & says THANK YOU ALL !

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